Now Journey with an elder sage

Knowing Your Magic flows Forth
Because You Journey Fuller Into Your True Self
... Again & Again

My Offering is for the Coach, Leader, or Individual Who's Fanatically Devoted to Transforming & Integrating:

Me, Frederic, at 70 yrs, in the flowering jungles near
Lake Atitlan, leading transformational travel,
just before Covid hit 03/2020.

who can Further Initiate you into
your depths, Your Next Self-Renewal,
into Embodying your true self ... including:

Now Journey With An Elder Sage ...

+ Super-Coached
in the Next-Stage
of your necessary Inner work

+ Initiated to Ground into your own Deeper wisdom & Soul Guidance

+ Transformed thru Guided Outdoor Adventures you've never Experienced
+Fanatical Focus to Digest, Metabolize, Assimilate, integrate, apply & Embody  it ALL

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Now Journey With An Elder Sage,
Who Can Bring all this Below
to Integrate your True Self

Let me start with my mission, which I've been hacking, tweaking and crystallizing for 50 years now, good Lord! Down to a mere five words now! (Try that exercise yourself someday, if you haven’t already :)

I also believe my mission is a good place to start for you to get to know me, because it's probably the only thing that can possibly have a fighting chance of tying together all of the various, diverse, professional, rebel, multi-dimensional, offbeat, and even weird aspects of myself: To explore, embody, and share wholeness

Big Picture:
45 years in therapy and coaching practice 

47 years adventuring and guiding in Nature

Scholar and published author of Between Two Worlds: The Riddle of Wholeness

Founder and Director of two educational nonprofits
-- Unifying Fields to apply Einstein’s Unified Field Theorem to “the unifying way” in everyday human activity 

-- My Baby Angel to comfort families with a pregnancy or infant loss

Social Activist, long history … and currently:

-- Strategic Senior Mentor for Dharma's garden in Boulder, the last 5 acre, regenerative and educational farm in Boulder County. Have help to raise $4.5 million to purchase the land for the nonprofit. And continue to serve them, for example just lead a listening circle for 25 committed members of the Farm

-- Founder and developer of a Revolutionary new wisdom circle format In the community called new Republic of the heart. This innovation allows a community, team, or gathering to access Wisdom beyond the normal, logical, egoic, problem-solving mindset. 

Previous Human Resources VP for an entrepreneurial start-up rocketing to $50,000,000 sales; 

Poet of over 200 poems

Creator of outdoor works of art, out of Nature’s materials

Deliberate Synthesis:
He has deliberately synthesized his background in clinical psychology, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, energy medicine, somatic experience, neuroscience, wisdom traditions, evolutionary psychology, yoga, solo vision quests, professional dance and world travel adventures into practical and loving teachings.

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First off, I just want to acknowledge that these experiences below come from living in the very privileged, first-world (bubble) for 73 years. I am grateful for these experiences — because they have taught me so much more about the “real” world and the real people living in it, than all my formal education. I am aware that all human beings should have access to this kind of culture enriching and world learning. SIGH. Will we ever get it right — for the benefit of all?

Frederic started exploring the wilderness with his dad as a young boy in the YMCA “Indian Guide Program.” He did his first 4-day wilderness solo at 23, on Sunshine Mesa near Telluride. He did a 9-day wilderness solo at McGhee Creek near Mammoth, and was gifted his power totem medicine animal — when he had a direct encounter with a mountain lioness (with her cubs!).

 Since then, Frederic has taken and/or guided others on over 20 wilderness vision quests. At 73 y.o., he still loves to “disappear” into the wilds — and finds this to be one of the most powerful ways to receive joy and life-changing inner guidance.

Frederic has lived abroad for five years, and traveled in 45 countries.

At 17, he studied in Lugano, Switzerland for a year.

At 21, he motorcycled overland from London > Africa > Europe > Turkey > Iran > Afghanistan > Pakistan > India – for a year, mostly solo, on a 500 cc Triumph scrambler.

At the infamous Afghan Khyber Pass, he was held at machine-gun point, while robbed of his motorcycle.

Arriving in New Delhi, by chicken bus, the day Pakistan started dropping bombs on Connaught Place.

Trekking through Neolithic Stone-age tribes with his dad in Iran Jaya, who did not even have matches.

Rafting the Grand Canyon for 3 glorious and challenging weeks, in a private rafting trip with 16 other “river-rats.”

Living with a muslim family of 26 members in Sonmarg, Kashmir— near where the USA was bombing, following the 911 terrorist attacks. (Having to fake it as a “Dane,” because Americans were so hated in that village.)

Open sea kayaking on Lake Baikal, Siberia during a freak squall, with 20 foot waves

Owning a Wilderness Guest Ranch Above Aspen 
“ Walking About” for 2 Year “Sabbatical” In Kashmir & Hawaiian Islands in my early 50s

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The Credentials:

* 45 Years In Private Practice With 100s Of Clients. As clinical psychologist and spiritual guide, has been in the trenches with hundreds of clients for 45 years — helping, healing and learning what works and doesn’t.

* Started out as a body worker in my mid 20s, as a trained Rolf-Aston structural patterner. One day I was working on a client on the body table, and she burst into tears. I had no training for that, and was stunned. That's when I decided to get a PhD.

* PhD In Clinical Psychology (Earned The Hard Way (8 Years!)

My Inner Journeys:

* Raised By A Jungian Analyst Mother!

* Hooked On Doing My Own "Shadow Work" Since 22

* Trained In Multiple Modalities, And Especially "Embodiment Work"

* Currently In Therapy With My Own Internal Family Systems Therapist (ISF)

* Deep, Ongoing Inner Work & Realization With My Enneagram 7/8

* Deep, Ongoing Inner Work & Realization With My Tendency To Inflate As Peter Pan

* Mid-Life Crisis: Homeless, High Anxiety, Debt, Suicidal (see the “shadow” below)

* Have Had To Find My Own Wisdom To Counterbalance My "Puer Archetype"

* 50 Years Of Increasingly Hearing Inner Wisdom

* Love That Inner Wisdom Takes Me Beyond My Boxes.

* I’ve Learned To Catch The Faintest Soul Whispers

* Am Ecstatic Inner Wisdom Comes Out Of The Blue!

* Know How To Feel The Joy And Life Force Of Soul

* Have Built Checks & Balances For "When To Follow" the soul guidance (and when it is just messin’ with you :)

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I have been doing Jungian “shadow work” for 50 years now. Deep, ongoing, relentless examination of my subterranean forces.

In 2003, at the end of my two year learning sabbatical in Kashmir, India, and Maui, I experienced increasing levels of anxiety and depression. I found that I could no longer force myself to do coaching and therapy with clients. 

I descended into a private hell. Homeless, in debt—and suicidal—it took me months of “shadow work,” my own therapy, psychiatric medication, and the astounding help of my family and friends to confront this mid-life death and rebirth … and then several more years of difficult inner work to become fully functional and healthy again.

Facing this dragon so fully has unequivocally renewed my life and sacred work. 

This Crash and Burn (and resurrection of the Phoenix), also taught me the healing power of vulnerability. Vulnerability is, believe it or not, one of the capacities I now cultivate as a superpower. But I don't lead from it.

And where do I feel vulnerable recently?

Well, in November 2021 I ended up in the hospital with Covid! None of my friends ended up in the hospital! And in January 2022, while casually examining the balance in my cryptocurrency wallet, I noticed that hundreds of thousands of my dollars had been hacked. Never to be recovered. And finally, April 2022, I just had my left knee scoped and cleaned as the orthopedic surgeon likes to humorously call it. Ugh, but grateful. 

And feeling vulnerable that I'm putting myself out as this great world tracker, master of 14er’s in Colorado, etc., and I may never walk down a really really steep mountain trail again. 

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For those of you that might understand the Enneagram: I am a poster child for the enneagram 7 type — from its glorious, healthy functioning as an “ecstatic appreciator” … to its compulsive, unhealthy gluttony for “more, More, MORE.”

I experience what the enneagram says about the enneagram 7: “Accept your invitation to abundance: to joyously celebrate existence and share your happiness. It is your True Nature to be happy and to add to the richness of experience for everyone..”

My parents used to call me “skitterbug,” because I was always skittering out to the creek behind our home in the 1950’s, and joyously playing up and down the creek — “catching and releasing minnows (!), building “forts” out of willows, jumping in the swimming hole.

To this day, it gives me great joy to play with Nature’s elements — like rocks, branches, and sand — to create that I call “UR Art.” UR is the ancient word for Earth. You will see various little examples of Ur Art along the trails in the forest I hike.

I “discovered” the Green Joy Flash. At least that is what I am currently calling it. This is the moment we have all probably had — in which a burst of joy flashes on us (or through us?) … like that special moment when we experience the “green flash” of a sunrise or sunset. I have made a study of this, and will show you how to recognize and cultivate it.

Oh, and I have published a blog post elsewhere, that i Will try to link to later,. The title is, "In today's highly troubled world, is it too self-indulgent to feel joy?" What do you think my answer is? I think it is mature and grounded to feel paradoxically both the terrible anguish of our world situation AND the capacity for joy.

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I have been a meditator since learning TM (Transcendental Meditation) at 24 ... coming and going from a formal meditation practice over the years

At the end of a “dark night of the soul (see in "Shadow" above), in my sixties, I discovered the Flash Awake—a proprietary breath to (1) shift out of “auto-pilot,” and (2) bring the brain-body-Spirit to greater consciousness, in 30-seconds.

For the last eight years, I have taken an extended journey with the Flash Awake, including the powerful neuroscience behind it, and how to refine it so you can even get a belly chuckle.

When I discovered the Flash Awake, as the culmination of all my seeking, an amazing thing happened — I stopped seeking.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t still pursue powerful dreams, it means that I do it from an entirely different place inside myself — a place of being able to “feel home” whenever I choose”

I have also been gifted with 4 life-changing ideas/concepts/processes over the course of my life: (1) the Unifying Field, (2) the Paradox of Wholeness, (3) the Flash Awake, (4) the Soul Flow.

Paradoxically, I receive and practice much of my “mindfulness” through embodiment practices. I regularly do contact improv, yoga, cardio, weight-lifting, fitness bands, movement classes, hiking and kayaking.

For those of you that might understand this (and in the cosmic scheme of things, it is not that important :), I am an explorer and teacher of integrating Non-Dual and Dual teachings.

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Magical Interlude:
Relish where Mother Earth & I have had this love thing

... Are you Approaching Your MidLife And Beyond ... and powerfully Lead, Create Or Coach ?

... In The Outer World, are you High Performing, High Net-Worth, Intuitive & Courageous ?

... In Your Inner Realms, do you Thrive On Challenge, Creativity, Inner Work & Being Coached?  

... Do you Transform (Transcend, Renew, Recreate, Evolve, "molt,") Again ... and  Again?

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